Teaching South African Politics

A few months back I was asked to make a film where I summarise my undergraduate module on ‘South African Politics: from Apartheid to Democracy’ in just one minute! Here is the final edited version.

One thought on “Teaching South African Politics

  1. A course I would love to be on, after living within the system. I think it would be a module in which I would have a lot to offer, as a victim of the apartheid system being an ANC sympathiser during the late 70 early 80s. After a short stint in john foster square Johannesburg, leading to my exile in 85 and eventually going through the truth and reconciliation processes first hand, to which I may add no eventual outcome was attained, as they had very conveniently lost all details of my original arrest, thankfully. I wish I could do my degree again I would certainly be taking this module if I did. An excellent summary, great work, a story that needs telling.

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