One thought on “UK investment in Africa will lag international rivals

  1. Hi Stephen, thank you so much for your insight analytical thought on international investment in Africa . I am really delighted to hear that the UK turns back to Africa following a long term divorce. This particular important to my own country Sudan aftermath successful popular revolution threw over longest dictatorship regime in Africa. The country currently is ruling by transitional government aims to prepare the scene for general election after three years. As a result, a lot of help is needed in particular in SSR and rebuild national institutions. As you know Sudan is a rich country of natural resources, which has been the subject of civil conflict associated other issues political issues, mainly equal development and share of power.for a long year. The country currently experiencing significant economic and political instability due to fragmentation of political rivals including military force and its par-militias. turmoil, it is vital to remarriage the previous partner for mutual advantages.

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